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KOG LibraryTurnaround, Rescue & Insolvency Leiden (TRI Leiden) is a team consisting of legal and business scholars and master students from the Leiden Law School (Leiden University). It is directed by professor Jan Adriaanse and Dr. Jean-Pierre van der Rest. Professor Bob Wessels is a consultant to TRI Leiden.

We study and bring into practice turnaround management, business rescue and insolvency law. With our international and multidisciplinary perspective we aim to promote both efficient and effective business rescue and insolvency proceedings, and to enhance trust in the market. Presently we work on projects commissioned by the European Commission, INSOL Europe and ELI (European Law Institute) as well as various other projects with an international scope. These projects are:

We cordially welcome your thoughts and ideas on our projects, since academic research is a continuous process and flowers by cooperation. Please find our contact details here.

The TRI Leiden Research Team



Seminar: Hindsight bias in insolvency law

Scholars and lawyers come across situations where insolvency office holders (court-appointed administrators/trustees) of insolvent/bankrupt companies chase the company’s directors, and sometimes shareholders, because the directors/shareholders did not prevent the insolvency/bankruptcy. In addition, the insolvency office holders may initiate proceedings against those parties, claiming mismanagement, damages or even the entire deficit, in order to ‘reconstruct’ (or reconstitute) the bankruptcy estate.

TRI Leiden Newsletter - May 2016

This newsletter provides an update on the various activities of the Turnaround, Rescue and Insolvency Leiden research team. It takes place, against many developments in Brussels. The European Commission is working on its legislative proposal on business insolvency, including early restructuring and second chance. This legislation will be a major step in bringing harmonization of insolvency laws in Europe.