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Completion of IOH Project

The semi-final text of the “INSOL Europe Statement of Principles and Guidelines for Insolvency Office Holders in Europe” has been successfully presented on the 11 October 2014 plenary session of the INSOL Europe annual conference in Istanbul. The final draft text, containing the same text with some more references added in the Comments, has been offered to the INSOL Europe Executive by the end of October.

INSOL Europe will have to ‘adopt’ the IOH Statement in order to let it be applicable under the text of Recital 45 of the Amended Insolvency Regulation and will subsequently disseminate the Statement in book form and on the internet. During the JudgeCo training sessions in Riga and Amsterdam, judges were informed on the background, content and aim of the IOH Statement.

For the semi-final text of the statement, please visit the TRI Leiden website.