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ELI General Assembly 2017: Discussing Business Rescue

The Project on the Rescue of Businesses in Insolvency Law of the European Law Institute (ELI), led by Professors Bob Wessels and Stephan Madaus, is progressing quickly. They have been working on some tangible results following — among other things — extensive reports on national and international frameworks for business rescue by (national) experts.

At the ELI General Assembly, in September 2017, they will be presenting this for the ELI Membership and its participants. In the ELI newsletter of November-December 2016 Prof. Christiane Wendehort, vice-present of ELI, already kindly mentioned it is their ‘first generation’ ELI project, that is entering its closing phase. The project is, she notes: ‘I … dare say, yielding stunning results: … the work of a network chaired by Bob Wessels and Stephan Madaus will greatly help in providing a better legal environment for the rescue of businesses in distress.’ For more information on the conference, click here.