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IOH update 2: Principles and Best practices for Insolvency Office Holders

INSOL EUROPE commissioned a project to the Leiden Law School that envisages the design of Principles and Best Practices for Insolvency Office Holders (IOHs). The project aims to establish a certain minimum level of trust to the general public, courts and other IOHs – nationally and internationally – on the way IOHs administer insolvency cases.

The project consists of three phases, each of which will be concluded by a report. Report I contains a framework and a model, which are subsequently applied on the analysis of regionally and globally established rules for insolvency office holders. After extensive examinations by the Academic Advisory Committee and the project Review and Advisory Group, this report has been presented to INSOL Europe in September 2013. Presently, the research team is working on Report II which will present an analysis, based on the same framework and model, of the rules for IOHs in a number of European countries e.g. England, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Serbia and Spain. We expect a draft version of report II to be ready in November 2013. Based on these findings, phase III will be committed to the formulation of the Principles and Best Practices. The research team invites academics as well as practitioners who have specific ideas about desirable Principles and Best Practices for IOHs or about the drafting process, to share them with us.