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Jan Adriaanse gives a Workout Clinic in the Global Insolvency Practice Course

Jan Adriaanse,  professor of turnaround management at Leiden University, will give a Workout Clinic in the Fellowship Course (Global Insolvency Practice Course) of INSOL International. The Workout Clinic will be take place at the University of London on Monday 10 November 2014.


The Global Insolvency Practice Course is a collaboration between INSOL International and ten universities. The Course is a postgraduate certification programme and it runs about nine months. The reason to establish the Global Insolvency Practice Course can be found in the large interest that the INSOL members have demonstrated for an advanced educational qualification focusing on international insolvency. After finishing the Global Insolvency Practice course, a Fellowship from INSOL International will be received.

The economic crisis, the growing number of cross-border insolvency cases and the adoption in many jurisdictions of international insolvency rules and provisions, contributes new challenges for the turnaround and insolvency profession. It is important that practitioners and turnaround experts have knowledge of the transnational and international aspects of legal and financial problems of business in distress. This is at the core of the Global Insolvency Practice Course.

More information on the course can be found here: