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Liber Amicorum for Bob Wessels

Conferentie_14-15_april_2014_06On Monday 14 April 2014 Bob Wessels held his valedictory lecture as he retired from Leiden Law School as professor of International Insolvency Law. After giving his valedictory lecture Bob Wessels received a liber amicorum (festschrift) with the title: Perspectives on International Insolvency Law: a tribute to Bob Wessels.

The liber amircorum was edited by Bernard Santen and Dick van Offeren, they found 25 authors from Bob his comprehensive network willing to contribute to this book. It resulted in 19 articles that provide a fine overview of international insolvency law and business rescue.

All authors have chosen a perspective that allows them to share their expertise with Bob, researchers, judges and policymakers in the field of insolvency law. With this volume the authors honour the inspiring work of Bob Wessels.

The book has been published by Kluwer, click here for more information.

ISBN: 978 90 13 12417 0

Liber Amicorum