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Master Class on International Insolvency TRI Leiden great success

foto 1 masterclass.JPGWith an enthusiastic group of students joining the Master Class on International Insolvency Law on 10 June 2014, it can be considered a success. Several members of the TRI Leiden team provided the participants with a background of international insolvency law and the related research projects they are working on.

The Master Class started with a presentation about frameworks for Cross-Border Insolvency by Junior Researcher Boon. He managed to inspire and loosen up the group for this challenging field of study. Hereafter Professor Wessels discussed some elemenTs of the European Insolvency Regulation (EIR), for example the necessity and possibilities for cross-border coordination between courts in insolvency cases. During his presentation he showed the group some of the particularities of the EIR, resulting in much interaction between prof. Wessels and the students.

After prof. Wessels’ presentation, dr. Santen took over and discussed the IOH research project. This project addresses the current challenge of drafting professional and ethical standards for insolvency office holders. He mentioned that some students have been part of this project. Mr. Boon discussed the theme of Business Rescue, currently a main topic on the insolvency law related agenda. He introduced the ELI Business Rescue project and how this research tries to gain insight in business rescue procedures in Europe.

Professor Wessels concluded the Master Class by emphasizing the need for cooperation and communication between insolvency office holders and courts in cross-border insolvency cases. He discussed how the JudgeCo project led to principles for this purpose and how they, despite their non-binding character, can effectively contribute to more better cooperation and communication.

We thank our speakers and all the students for their presence and contribution to a succesful Master Class.


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