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Newsletter June 2017

This newsletter provides an update on the various activities of the Turnaround, Rescue and Insolvency Leiden research team. We study and bring into practice turnaround management, business rescue and insolvency law. With our international and multidisciplinary perspective we aim to promote both efficient and effective business rescue and insolvency proceedings, and to enhance trust in the market.


In a few weeks time most of the 2015 Recast of the European Insolvency Regulation will come into force. It will bring new rules on cross-border insolvency, including rules regarding judicial and insolvency practitioner cooperation and communication, but also on COMI, as well as (the coordination of) enterprise groups. These and many other topics will bring much food for thought.

In the past years several topics have been an inspiration for research by the TRI Leiden Research Team. Together with many judges, academics and practitioners from across Europe and beyond we have worked, for example, on the EU JudgeCo Principles and Guidelines (see also page 5) and the IOH Principles.

This newsletter elaborates also on some recent activities, including the recent inaugural lecture by Professor Jean-Pierre van der Rest (see page 3), who was also the driver (together with Professor Jan Adriaanse) behind a book that was published earlier this year on Turnaround Management and Bankruptcy (in the Routledge Companion series), presenting a state-of-the-art review of failure research (page 2).

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