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Questionnaire IOH Project online

Early in 2013, INSOL Europe commissioned Leiden Law School to undertake a project to design Principles and Best Practices for Insolvency Office Holders (IOHs). From 17 July till and including 17 August INSOL Europe Members are given the opportunity to express their opinion on the draft Principles and Best Practices via an online questionnaire.

After preparation of Report I on international rules and Report II on national rules, the third phase of the project concerns the actual formulation of Principles and Best Practices (Report III). At present, the third Public Draft of Report III is online, and is being reviewed by INSOL Europe members via an online questionnaire.

The questionnaire allows members to simply state their opion on a 5-point-scale from strongly disagree to strongly agree on each of the seven Principles and thirty-two Best Practices. However, there is plenty of opportunity to provide substantive comments. The deadline for submitting the questionnaire is 17 August 2014.

The outcome of the questionnaire will be used to prepare the final version of Report III that will presented for adoption at the coming Annual Congress of INSOL Europe in Istanbul this Autumn.

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