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Second Public Draft of statement of Principles and Best Practices for IOHs

Mid-April TRI Leiden presented the first public draft of the Statement of Principles for Insolvency Office Holders. The first round of public consultation has led to several most useful comments. We are proud to present the second public draft including not only the IOH Principles, but also the IOH Best Practices.

The Statement of Principles and Best Practices will result in the third and final Report of this study. There are in total 7 Principles and 22 Best Practices, derived from the framework that was developed in Report I, and that was tested extensively afterwards (Report II). The final Report III is due by the end of October 2014.

Reviewing the Principles and Best Practices

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We kindly welcome all observations, comments and criticism for this Second Public Draft by 1 July 2014. Please send your comments to

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