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Semi-final draft of the INSOL Europe IOH Statement published

IOH Report III.jpgThe aim of the IOH-project, assigned by INSOL Europe  to Leiden Law School in 2013, is to develop a well-founded framework of Principles and Best Practices for Insolvency Office Holders (IOHs) in Europe. These Principles and Best Practices are meant to serve as a sound benchmark for the profession, as a means to strengthen public confidence in the profession on the market, and as a focus for debate on possible future binding rules for IOHs on a European level.

Report I (click here) and Report II (click here) surveyed and reviewed international and national rules related to the IOH profession. Based on these findings Report II indicated a number of areas where Principles and Best Practices “would possibly assist to create a level playing field for IOHs and to improve their performance, transparency and accountability in cross-border insolvency proceedings” (page 11). The present Report III explains how we continued, and it presents the Statement of Principles and Best Practices for IOHs in Europe.

The semi-final draft version of this Report III will be presented and discussed at the INSOL Europe annual meeting in Istanbul, 10/11 October 2014.

By the end of October, Leiden Law School will present to INSOL Europe the final version.

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