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Study on the success of insolvency law reforms across Europe

In the upcoming months an exciting new research project will be conducted by Prof. Jan Adriaanse, dr. Jean-Pierre van der Rest and Maria Wetzel (Erasmus exchange student) at the Leiden Law School. They will evaluate and compare the success of different national insolvency law reforms across Europe, that took place in last couple of years.

In this study approximately 5 EU countries will be compared, which have recently reformed their insolvency law. The researchers will make use of statistics and interviews in order to record the success of these different national insolvency law reforms. The goal of the project is to find a way to implement generally accepted principles of Turnaround Management in order to stimulate timely business rescue measures in Europe. Furthermore, the project will give an outlook for further research, e.g. relating to the question whether legislation either at the European or the National level is more promising to reach the desired effects.