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IOH Update 5: The IOH Project is in Full Swing

The TRI-Leiden team submitted Report II to the INSOL Executive in May 2014. This report is based on 11 country studies and surveys the areas were
Principles and Best Practices could assist in a level playing field for coordination and cooperation of IOHs across Europe.

Based on Report II, Bob Wessels and Bernard Santen presented a morning session on the Annual Conference of the International Bar Association (IBA) in Barcelona, Spain, on 19 May 2014. Cases, questions and discussions confronted the audience, over 100 practitioners from literally all over the world, with the professional and ethical choices they make in practice and their side effects. The very lively discussion was facilitated by Panels of practitioners and judges, including judge Sancho Cargallo (Spain), Mincke Melissen (Netherlands), Eberhard Nietzer (Germany) and Judge Jim Peck (USA).

Report III formulates the Principles and Best Practices. The third public draft of is now available. INSOL members will be invited shortly to fill in a questionnaire and express their opinion about these new rules. When the questionnaire is closed (closure date: 17 August 2014) the team will redraft the Principles and Best Practices, which will subsequently be presented during the Istanbul conference of INSOL Europe in October 2014.