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Third Public Draft - Statement of Principles and Best Practices for IOHs

Mid-May 2014 TRI Leiden presented the second public draft of the Statement of Principles for Insolvency Office Holders. The consultation of the Review and Advisory Group and of the Academic Committee gave way to 14 often very detailed commentaries on the second public draft, from 11 jurisdictions. We were able to incorporate most of the commentaries, either by changing a Principle or a Best Practice, or by adding a remark to the comments.

The third public draft of Report III, containing the Statement of Principles and Best Practices, dated June 2014, describes 7 Principles and 32 Best Practices including Comments on these. The Statement is derived from and refers to the framework that was developed in Report I, and which was tested extensively afterwards by the country studies reported on in Report II.

The third public draft will be the subject of a questionnaire to be filled in by INSOL Europe members. After the closing date of the questionnaire (17 August) the TRI Leiden team will evaluate and wherever necessary include the commentaries from the questionnaire in a new, fourth and semi-final draft. This draft will be the subject of debate at the INSOL Europe annual conference in Istanbul (October 2014).

The final version of Report III, containing the Statement of Principles and Best Practices, is subsequently due by the end of October 2014.

Reviewing the Principles and Best Practices

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We kindly welcome all observations, comments and criticism on this Third Public Draft by 17 August 2014. Please send your comments to


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