Business Rescue Project

The ultimate aim of this project (initated by the European Law Institute) is to design a framework that will enable the further development of coherent and functional rules for business rescue in Europe.

Curriculum for Turnaround Professionals

Development of a curricumlum for EACTP's certification for turnaround professionals.

EU JudgeCo Platform

The EU JudgeCo Platform provides valuable sources on cross-border insolvency court-to-court cooperation and communication in a EU context.

EU JudgeCo Project

This project aims to design Principles and Guidelines to improve coordination between courts in Europe for insolvency and related proceedings.

Insolvency Protocols Project

Instruments on Cross-Border Insolvency Law

Recent insolvency cases highlight the growing importance of cross-border insolvency matters in international transactions. To this end, many instruments have been introduced and implemented in recent years across the world. At this page we present a selection of relevant instruments in the field of cross-border insolvency law.

IOH Project

In this project Principles and Best Practices for Insolvency Office Holders (IOHs) for cross-border insolvency cases are developed.

Second Chance Project

The Second Chance project aims to promote recovery and re-integration of entrepreneurs who have recently undergone bankruptcy.

Turnaround Wing Project

Turnaround Wing of INSOL Europe and Leiden Law School are working on the design of ‘guidelines for out-of-court turnaround professionals’. The project was approved by the Council of INSOL Europe at its 2014 conference in Istanbul and subsequently started in November 2014.