Instruments on Cross-Border Insolvency Law

Recent insolvency cases highlight the growing importance of cross-border insolvency matters in international transactions. To this end, many instruments have been introduced and implemented in recent years across the world. At this page we present a selection of relevant instruments in the field of cross-border insolvency law.

Instruments on Cooperation and Communication in Cross-Border Insolvency Cases

Instruments on Role Players in (Cross-Border) Insolvency Cases

European Union Instruments on (Cross-Border) Insolvency

Some of the core instruments from EU institutions are:

See also this page at the website of the European Commission on Insolvency Law.

International Instruments

CBILFor a more extensive overview of all important international and regional legal instruments relating to insolvency of companies and consumers, as well as to corporate rescue law, see: Bob Wessels and Gert-Jan Boon, Cross-Border Insolvency Law: International Instruments and Commentary, Alphen aan den Rijn: Kluwer Law International, 2015.

The book includes international and regional conventions, model laws, EU regulations and directives, uniform rules and guiding principles produced by various international bodies (such as the World Bank, the United Nations Committee on International Trade Law, the American Law Institute, and INSOL International), and international and European restatements of insolvency law by scholars. Click here for more information.