EU JudgeCo Principle 18 - Notice to Creditors

18.1. If an insolvency case appears to include claims of known foreign creditors from a State where an insolvency case is not pending, the court should assure that sufficient notice is given to permit those creditors to have a full and fair opportunity to file claims and participate in the case.

18.2. The court should encourage the publication of such notices in the Official Gazette (or equivalent publication, including any internet-registry) of each State concerned.

18.3. For the purposes of notification within the meaning of Principle 18.1, a person or legal entity is a known foreign creditor if:

  1. The debtor’s business records establish that the debtor owes or may owe a debt to that person or legal entity; and
  2. The debtor’s business records or bookkeeping establish the address of that person or legal entity.