EU JudgeCo Principle 19 - Coordination

19.1. Where there are parallel proceedings, each insolvency practitioner should obtain court approval for any action affecting assets or operations in that forum if required by local law, except as otherwise provided in a protocol approved by that court.

19.2. An insolvency practitioner should seek prior agreement from any other insolvency practitioner in relation to matters concerning proceedings or assets in that practitioner’s jurisdiction, except where emergency circumstances make this unreasonable.

19.3. A court should consider whether the insolvency practitioners in a main proceeding, or his or her agent, should serve as the insolvency practitioner or co-practitioner in secondary proceedings to promote the coordination of the proceedings.

19.4. Courts should encourage insolvency practitioners to report periodically, as part of national reporting duties, on the way these Principles and/or agreed Protocols are applied, including any practical problems which have been encountered.