As of October 2014 training sessions will take place in several cities across Europe. Judges deciding on matters of insolvency are offered the chance to participate in a two-day interactive training.

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Aim of the sessions

These training sessions enables all judges deciding on matters of insolvency to test the EU Cross-Border Insolvency Court-to-Court Cooperation Principles and Guidelines and provide comments as to their usefulness in practice. Also, it allows judges to enlarge their European network and to discuss other pending issues with colleagues.

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Once accepted as participant, travel and accommodation costs are covered by the project.

Dates and locations

>> Due to the many applications we will put (new) applications at the waitinglist <<
Location                    Date
Istanbul* 10 October 2014
Riga 3-4 November 2014
Amsterdam** 1-2 December 2014

* This is a sensitizing session aimed at senior judges.
** All activities at this session take place in the vicinity of Train Station Amsterdam Central.


The programme of the training sessions is tentatively scheduled to start around noon at day one. The reform of the European Insolvency Regulation and the JudgeCo Principles and Guidelines will then be discussed. The day will conclude with a dinner. On day two workshops will take place to actively discuss and experience the working of the JudgeCo Priniciples and Guidelines. The training session will finish around 13:00 CET. For the training sessions, venues are chosen that can be reached easily.

Further information

The trainings are in English. A working level of English is required to successfully participate in the trainings.

There is a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30 participants per session.


>> Due to the many applications for the JudgeCo Judicial Training the application has been closed <<


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